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Bournemouth Wedding Photographer starts blog…

Phew!  I have at long last set up my blog!  I must have been the only Bournemouth Wedding Photographer without a blog! I have been saying I will get to grips with the dark arts of blogging for years and have always found other ways to keep busy.  Well… better late than never!  Now that I have joined the blogging bandwagon, I hope I will be a regular blogger… first real blog to come soon :)

Bournemouth Wedding Photographer - dress back detail with lovely rim-lighting

dress back detail with lovely window rim-lighting

Please keep an eye on our blog and like it to share with your Facebook friends.  In return, I promise to make frequent posts and to offer lots of great offers via the blog. Starting with a £50 voucher for the first star to refer a friend!  To get the prize, all your friend has to do is quote ‘BLOG DEAL’ when they book us for their wedding photography.

Bournemouth Wedding Photographer Reviews:

If you have booked us for your wedding, please keep those reviews coming in.  They help us a huge amount in promoting our services. The best way to leave a review is on our Facebook Page.  That way, people can see that you really wrote the review!

I feel very lucky to be a Bournemouth Wedding photographer with such great ‘sets’ on the door-step.  Sharing in the joy of your big day in a stunning setting is one of the reasons that we think this is the dream job.  Where else can you sip champagne on the sand or Pimms in the forest with such beautiful scenery?  For help in finding your dream Dorset location, please get in touch.  We will be thrilled to visit your chosen venue with you to bounce ideas.

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Jonathan Owen Photography

Wedding Photography in Bournemouth


Jonathan Owen photography is a wedding photographer in Bournemouth. Jon Owen is the owner of the business and also works part time for a charity as an events and volunteer co-ordinator. Wedding photographers in Bournemouth are renowned for their love of the local countryside and their flair for using it in their wedding photography in bournemouth. Jonathan is determined to become the premier wedding photographer in Bournemouth. He has long had a love for his craft - his passion started in childhood and he remembers his Dad letting him experiment with his old Canon body, a telephoto lens and standard 50mm. As a boy, Jonathan Owen was fascinated by the way the longer lens changed perspective and created bokeh


Wedding Photographers in Bournemouth


Wedding Photographers in Bournemouth


Throughout his adolescence, Jonathan Owen did not consider this occasional hobby as a possible career and moved more towards the traditional arts, drawing and painting as well as other more usual teenage pursuits like socialising and discovering the pub!


Wedding Photographer in Poole


Eventually, Jonathan Owen won a place at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design where he relished the time & space to try his hand at various media. The scope available for learning and experimentation in a range of disciplines was like oxygen after the comparatively narrow artistic range at school.


Wedding Photographers in Poole


After art college, Jonathan Owen went travelling for a year and took many pictures in Asia & Australasia but was still unclear of where he wanted his career to go. On his return, he survived by doing lots of different jobs from Recruitment to Charity Work and even Estate Agency for his sins! Although he put huge energy into all his jobs and was often congratulated for his successes, he never stuck long at these jobs as there was always a nagging voice telling him he should be doing something more creative.


Wedding Photography in Poole


Photography was a hobby at this stage and he was living in shared accomodation in Bournemouth. One of the other residents was a photographer and he and Jonathan set up a dark room in th garden shed. During this time, Jonathan did occasional work for Clubsnapper and took photographs of dance music maestros 'Faithless.'


However, in 2008, following the break up of a long term relationship, Jonathan Owen suddenly felt the drive to move on with his photography and had the new found freedom to do it. He left his day job with litte or no money and never went back.


Wedding Photographers in Dorset


In 2011, Jonathan Owen stepped up the business dramatically and is now loving life as a full time wedding photographer in Bournemouth.


Wedding Photography in Dorset


To find out more, please contact Jonathan Owen via our contact us page.


Wedding Photographers in Dorset.


Jonathan Owen Photography - Jon believes that the first point of any correction to an image should be its contrast because this will have an impact on the depth of colour in a photograph but not its tone or saturation.


wedding Photography in Bournemouth -

Once the contrast has been set using this adjustment, the colour can be changed or corrected as any unnatural colour cast will be more clearly Photography in Poole if you have shot in JPEG format in-camera, you will have to adjust colour in photoshop or other editing software. This technique can be much slower and offer less versatility than adjusting colour en masse with RAW Photography in Dorset - At the same time as correcting the contrast in levels, colour can be corrected in the photograph; selecting the mid-grey selection tool in the levels window does this for the midtones.


wedding Photographer in Bournemouth - 'Colour popping' is a word for colouring a specific part of a photograph. Normally this was done with dyes on a black & white print but nowadays it is much more simple to do in Photoshop. wedding Photographer in Poole - Retouching an image in Photoshop can help make a more flattering portrait. Retouching is relatively quick and can either be employed to perfect camera technique or to enhance the model's features or make blemishes disappear.


wedding Photographer in Dorset - Using actions to alter colour and contrast automatically is just the beginning of harnessing the true potential of actions. Making an action is easy and will save you Photographer - Layers are used in Photoshop to make editing and the blending of photographs less hard and more effective. When working with multiple layers, a retouched or altered layer can have its opacity changed. wedding Photographers in Bournemouth - A picture can be dramatically and quickly transformed through the use of filters. Some filters mimic the actual effects of traditional kit-bag glass or plastic filters.


wedding Photographers in Poole - However, there are often a number of advantages to taking the photograph without a glass filter and adding the effect digitally afterwards - you can very precisely increase or decrease the effect. wedding Photographers in Dorset - you can remove the filter altogether or change it for a different one at a later stage. You can use multiple filtration with no loss of image quality or increase in required exposure. wedding Photographers - making selections is one of the first skills to master in Lightroom but it is also one of the most important as a good clean selection with the appropriate amount of feathering is the foundation of many more complex image manipulations.


Jon Owen Photography - So get familiar with the various selection tools - they all behave slightly differently and have varying uses - each has strenghts and weaknesses within a particular scenario. Jon Owens Photography - The magic wand for example is great for selecting areas of similar tone and colour ideal for selecting an area of sky perhaps particulary if you adjust the tolerance.


Jonathan Owens Photography - However, this tool may not be the best choice if you want to isolate a perfect square. The rectangle selection tool would be far better for this task. Johnathan Owen Photography - Finally the bride and groom have chosen pictures they want in their photo album as well as for gift prints and even for the wall. Weeks or maybe even months have passed since their marriage.Johnathan Owens Photography - But now at last the photographs will really come to a new lease of life with some last minute adjustments as well as any surplus editing and retouching if it is asked for.John Owen Photography - The manner in which the pictures are displayed will add a final flourish and if a traditional book has been picked by the couple the pictures will go behind an overlay


John Owens Photography - Using overlays is the traditional means that books have been created. The image overlay was first designed to stop adjacent pages chemically interacting. Different manufacturers have various overlay designs to choose from. This gives you, the bride and groom the freedom to use them in a creative way which can really add to the finished piece.


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